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To Our Valued Customers,

                As concern continues to grow regarding COVID-19 I wanted to reach out and reassure you that your safety has always been our top priority. Gloves have always been washed with an antibacterial detergent. To increase your protection, we are using the NAIL recommended amount of bleach during the washing process. We have taken greater measures to protect ourselves and our customers including the following precautions:

•             Implementing a 24-hour waiting period before opening incoming shipments

•             Disinfecting all surfaces more frequently

•             Wearing gloves

•             Mandatory hand washing after handling orders.


If there has been an employee at your facility exhibiting the symptoms of fever, shortness of breath, cough or fatigue, please reach out to me so we may handle your order with further precaution.  If there is an employee that has tested positive at your facility, please reach out to me before shipping so I may guide you on how to properly prepare the shipment for transport.

We are following the guidelines suggested by the CDC and WHO as well as Erie County to ensure we do our part to protect you and ourselves during this pandemic.

As we are an essential service, we are staying open to serve you with limited staff on site. This may cause delays; therefore I ask that you plan accordingly and ship your equipment sooner rather than later. As always if you need your testing expedited please let me know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Feel free to reach out to me with concerns you might have.


Nick Garlock

866-326-6060 Ext 320

Elwood Safety Co Inc


"My first dealings with Elwood Safety was an easy one. Thirty minutes to pick up a new set of HV gloves and get four pairs of HV's tested. The staff at Elwood Safety are very nice, willing to help with all my questions, and have dropped everything countless times for a request I have made. Elwood Safety is the only HV testing/sales company I will use no matter where I end up in my career".

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