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Elwood Safety

Elwood Safety is a NAIL for PET laboratory. 

Our employees have been serving the electrical community for over 30 years, and are committed to ensuring the integrity of the equipment you depend on. At Elwood, your safety is our first concern.  Let us help you set up a testing program tailor made for your company’s needs.

Contact us today :  We Sell and Re-certify :​ Gloves, Sleeves, Blankets, Line Hose, Dielectric Head Protection, Boots,Hoods & Covers, Switchboard Matting and Grounds​


Why Choose Us?

  • Confidence:  Our NAIL for PET accreditation guarantees that Elwood’s laboratory operates at the highest industry standards.

  • Outstanding Customer Service:  Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions about your company’s compliance.  We work with you to design a testing program specific to your needs.

  • One of our top priorities is returning your equipment promptly:  We’re confident that you will be impressed by our speedy turn-around time.  Orders are guaranteed to ship within two weeks.

  • Rotation Program: As a customer, you have the option to store a second set of equipment at our facility. Elwood ships newly tested goods to you automatically at the end of each testing cycle.

  • Comprehensive Test Results:  We provide your company with an itemized copy of your test results.  All test records are archived at Elwood’s facility, and are kept on file for a minimum of seven years.

  • Instant Replacements:  Upon request, Elwood can automatically replace equipment when a failure occurs. 

  • Local Pick-up and Delivery: Equipment pick-up and delivery service is available at a nominal fee.


Elwood Safety is a NAIL for PET laboratory. All testing is performed according to ASTM test and re-test standards. To learn more about the ASTM testing standards please click on the link below.
We Test:​ Gloves, Sleeves, Blankets, Line Hose, Hard Hats, Boots, Hoods & Covers, Switchboard Matting and Grounds​. We'll Also Repair Your FR and Arc Flash Clothing!














Testing Procedures:


  •  Upon arrival at Elwood’s facility, equipment is issued an identification number and is logged into our system.

  • After being logged in, all items undergo a visual inspection.  Equipment is checked for cuts, abrasions, embedded particles, cracking and any other conditions that might affect the integrity of the item.

  • ​Next, equipment is washed with mild detergent and dried so as to ensure a “good test”.

  •  Equipment is then machine tested according to class rating in compliance with the applicable ASTM testing standards.

  •  When the equipment passes both machine and visual inspection, it is stamped with the test date.  Items are then hermetically sealed in  plastic bags.

  •  A comprehensive test report of all tested items is generated and sent back with your equipment.

  •   Any failed equipment is marked as such and either returned to you, or discarded, based on your preference.

Open MONDAY - FRIDAY 9:00AM-5:00PM Or By Appointment




Feel free to reach out to me with concerns you might have.

Elwood Safety Co Inc
2180 Elmwood Avenue

Buffalo, NY  14216

Phone: 866-326-6060 ext. 320

Fax: 716-240-1011


Nick Garlock

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