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At Elwood Safety we aim to make your experience ordering new or replacement electrical PPE as quick and hassle-free as possible. All equipment ordered through Elwood Safety is tested, serialized, and dated on our site at no additional charge so that it arrives on your site properly marked for compliance.


Give us a call today for pricing and assistance in determining the correct equipment for your site!

Gloves, Protectors, and Bags

Elwood safety carries a full line of rubber insulating gloves and mittens. As a distributor of Chance and Salisbury equipment we are proud to say that our insulating rubber gloves are made from the highest quality natural gum rubber available and are contoured to fit the human hand. They are comfortable to wear and will not cause cramping or fatigue while in use.


You can choose from straight, bell, contoured cuffs, and finger mitten styles. Our gloves are available  in 11 inch to 18 inch lengths in classes 00-4.


Measuring for Proper Fit of Gloves

Proper Sizing:

Wrap a tape measurer around the palm at its widest point. This measurement in inches indicates the proper fitting glove size.

Glove Storage Bags


Durable canvas storage bags are designed to protect your rubber gloves from the elements in storage and transportation. Storage bags are available in 11", 14", and 16" for use with respective glove sizes

Determining Glove Length:

Measure from the tip of the middle finger to where the cuff should reach on the wrist or arm

Leather Protectors


The use of leather protectors is recommended to increase the life of your rubber gloves. Our leather glove protectors are made from top grain cowhide or goat skin and are designed to fit over insulating gloves.


Sizing Leather Protectors:

To maintain an adequate flashover distance between the end of the protector cuff and the end of the rubber glove cuff, the rubber glove should be longer than the protector by at least one inch multiplied by the rubber glove's class (ie. 4" flashover for class four, 3" flashover for class 3, etc). Class 0's and 00's should have flashover distances of no less than half an inch.

Ask about our Glove Kits!

Kits include rubber insulating gloves, leather protectors, and a canvas storage bag sent as one convenient package to start you off on the right foot for maximizing the life and dependability of your dielectric gloves!

Blankets,Sleeves, and Dielectric Footwear

Insulating Blankets


Our rubber insulating blankets protect you in the event of accidental contact with line hardware. Classes 2 and 4 are available in 22x22 inch, 27x36 inch, and 36x36 inch sizes in either slotted or solid construction.


As with any insulated rubber equipment, proper use and storage is an intergral part in maintaining the viability of insulating blankets. Ask us about the purchase of blanket canisters for storage and transportation and blanket clamps for securing equipment on the job!

Insulating Sleeves


Elwood's insulating sleeves are designed to provide maximum coverage and protection for the arms and shoulders. Sleeves are available in regular, large, and extra large sizes. they come in a variety of colors and are available in classes 0-4. Don't forget to inquire about sleeve bags, as well, to protect your equipment so that it will continue to protect you!

Dialectic Footwear


All of our overshoes conform with "Standard Specification for Dialectic Overshoe Footwear" and are tested to ASTM F1116 at 20KV. Our footwear is made of premium grade ozone resistant rubber in a flexible, 100% waterproof, construction, with nonskid bar tread outsoles and nonmetallic buckle hardwear.

Arc Flash Protection

Arc flash protection is to be used when you are exposed to a potential arc flash and anytime you're working on or with panels or switch stations. our suits meet and exceed NFPA 70E standard requirements and provide a much higher level of protection than FR clothing.

Sizing ARC flash protection


Arm- (sleeve length) With arm relaxed at your side and slightly bent, measure from center of the back of the neck, over the point of the shoulder, down outside of the arm to the wrist


Chest- Measure just under the arms and across the shoulder blades holding the tape firm and level


Waist- Measure around your natural waistline.


Inseam- Measure similar pants that fit well. Lay them flat, with front and back creased smooth, and take measurement of the length of the leg from the interior seam of the pants.

Voltage Testers

Elwood's voltage tester is a safe and convenient instrument used for locating blown fuses. It is also suited for determining to what extent metal covers or cases are energized. Use it in place of the hazardous old-fashioned test lamps and secondary circuit volt meters. We also offer a custom-made leather case to protect our voltage testers. Requires no Batteries. Measures voltage from 0-600 Volts. Will not explode if accidentally applied to a voltage as high as 4,800 Volts.

Hot Line Equipment, Tools, and covers

Hot line equipment is made in every shape and size for every imaginable function out there. Let us help you identify, order, and certify the equipment you need for your site's specific needs. Whether you are looking for hotsticks, grounding cables, jumper cables, covers, or attachments we can assist you in aquireing the equipment you need to ensure the safety of your site!

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