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Elwood Safety is a NAIL for PET laboratory. All testing is performed according to ASTM test and re-test standards. To learn more about the ASTM testing standards please click on the link below.
We Test:​ Gloves, Sleeves, Blankets, Line Hose, Hard Hats, Boots, Hoods & Covers, Switchboard Matting and Grounds​

We'll Also Repair Your FR and Arc Flash Clothing!





















Testing Procedures:


  •  Upon arrival at Elwood’s facility, equipment is issued an identification number and is logged into our system.

  • After being logged in, all items undergo a visual inspection.  Equipment is checked for cuts, abrasions, embedded particles, cracking and any other conditions that might affect the integrity of the item.

  • ​Next, equipment is washed with mild detergent and dried so as to ensure a “good test”.

  •  Equipment is then machine tested according to class rating in compliance with the applicable ASTM testing standards.

  •  When the equipment passes both machine and visual inspection, it is stamped with the test date.  Items are then hermetically sealed in  plastic bags.

  •  A comprehensive test report of all tested items is generated and sent back with your equipment.

  •   Any failed equipment is marked as such and either returned to you, or discarded, based on your preference.





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